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Computer Science Executive Round Table: Education & Careers in the US


The National Press Club, Washington DC 
September 6, 2013

TCS hosted the Computer Science Executive Round Table: Education & Careers in the US, in partnership with STEMconnector®, focusing on computer science from the perspectives of education, policy, workforce and career.

The event brought together executives, government officials and thought leaders working on increasing students’ interest and participation in STEM education, particularly computer science, and advocating for stronger educational policy and implementing programs for industry readiness.

The round table discussions focused on the convergence of policy, advocacy and outreach to assess progress at federal and state level, and presented solutions to recommend next steps for cross-sector collaboration.

  • Fireside chat: Surya Kant, President, North AmericaUK and Europe, TCS, on “Workforce Needs & Action Plan for the Future” with Brian Kelly, Chief Content Officer, US News and World Report
  • Panel discussion: Balaji Ganapathy, Head, Workforce Effectiveness North America, TCS
  • Panel Discussion: Caitlin Olson, CSR STEM Program Manager, North America, TCS

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