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TCS tops Data Quest Top20 for the fifth consecutive year


Data Quest Magazine

TCS tops the DQ Top20 list of Indian IT companies in the engineering services space for FY 2011, as released by the Data Quest magazine, for the fifth consecutive year.

Excerpt from the article:

“Take the case of TCS—India’s largest IT company and the largest in this category. It was working with a medical products company which wanted to introduce a surgical stapler in the Indian market, which was a use-and-throw type but was too costly for the local market. Through significant design change, the 2 companies made it a reusable product. It is not classical lowering cost of the process or even product. The new product may cost the same or even a little more, but the per-patient cost reduced by more than 90% and it did help the medical product company to tap the Indian market. Not surprisingly, the company is taking it to other emerging markets.”

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