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The Belgian Premier at the TCS Summit in Brussels

The Belgian Premier attended the TCS Europe Summit, where he spoke on the topic "The Growth Imperative - New Rules, New Opportunities". He expressed how much he values TCS's presence in Belgium and also recognized TCS as a partner to major European & Belgian firms.

Concluding his speech the Premier said, "We must never forget that we live in a globalised world. EU companies should endeavour to learn from and cooperate with non EU companies. That so many important European and Belgian companies work with Tata Consultancy Services - our hosts today - proves my point.

As one of the most open economies in the world, Belgium is very well aware of the importance of investment from, and trade with all parts of the world. With Tata Consultancy Services and all other companies who invest in Belgium, we will remain reliable and hospitable partners for the mutually beneficial growth that Europe and the rest of the world need."