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Business in a Hurry


Tata Review

Tata Review, Tata group’s quarterly magazine that features best practices and innovations at Tata Companies, in its latest edition of ‘Tata Review: The Forever Voyage' talks about TCS Philippines and its unprecedented growth in the country in an exclusive interview with Vikram Singh, Country Manager, TCS Philippines.

Since commencement of operations in 2008, TCS has grown its presence in the Philippines significantly. Tata Review writes that TCS Philippines is business in hurry with a recorded growth of 40% annually in the last three years making it the fastest growing market for TCS outside of India and in the ASEAN market.

The decision to opt for a full-service play model has seen Tata Consultancy Services grow at a breathtaking pace in Philippines. “Sometime towards the end of 2012, we made a conscious decision to diversify our portfolio of services in the Philippines to create a more varied offering for customers,” said Vikram Singh, Country Manager, TCS Philippines.

According to Tata Review, the business grew at a moderate pace until the end of 2012. Between 2012 and now, TCS Philippines has grown at a breathtaking pace with the setting up of six delivery centres and a seventh one on the horizon, and the team strength has grown ten folds with 98% of employees as locals.

The Philippines government wants to improve physical infrastructure and enhance ease of doing business bringing optimism for the future of business. “The market is quite promising and several large customers are looking at the Philippines for outsourcing. We will continue to build our portfolio so that we become the natural choice for customers,” said Vikram.

TCS Philippines has earned wide-spread recognition for its performance in recent years with the latest being the prestigiousTop Employers 2017 Certification by Top Employer Institute. TCS Philippines was also named Technology Company of the Year at the Asia CEO Award 2016.

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