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In the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdown, enterprises the world over have discovered that having an agile and resilient supply chain is more relevant now than ever, and that enabling zero disruption operations is critical to tide over such unprecedented challenges.  For the global healthcare community and all the players that keep its machinery moving – medical professionals, nursing and support staff, hospital management authorities, medical device makers – the Novel Coronavirus pandemic is a health crisis like no other witnessed globally in recent history.  

Cardinal Health, a US-based, Fortune 20, multinational manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical and medical products across the globe, faced similar challenges. During the COVID-19 pandemic, their role has been critical in the distribution of PPE kits and medical goods, such as devices and drugs, to facilities the world over. TCS, as Cardinal Health’s strategic partner, has played a mission-critical role in ensuring this.

The TCS Cognitive Business Operations (CBO) team was keeping tabs on the global health situation for weeks running up to mid-March 2020 and acted in time when the situation at their location in Pune, India, took a grim turn, just as it had done the world over that month. As the news of a global lockdown spread, the team quickly took stock of requirements, assets, and challenges and were able to enable Secure Borderless Workspaces™ (SBWS™), TCS’ comprehensive module to enable remote working,  within a matter of hours. It helped hugely that mandated, preempted compliance approvals were already in place.

Over the weekend, information on all employees working as part of the Cardinal Health-TCS CBO team was collected and systems were set up at team members’ homes. All of this was done notwithstanding transport constraints, and infrastructural and technological hurdles. Not only was the team able to enable SBWS™ for 120 associates, they also committed to ensuring zero production backlog had been generated due to these challenges and business continued seamlessly by the following Monday. The team in the US, acknowledged the proactiveness that was pulled off when they said there was not a single beat skipped in operations whatsoever. “You continue to set the bar and are a model for what it means to be a trusted partner. I am amazed by the flawless execution you put into place to react so rapidly with the COVID impacts (moving teammates home) and ensuring the business was stabilized in the process,” said Jerome Revish, Senior VP, Customer Support Services, Cardinal Health, acknowledging TCS’ efforts as an ally in the extraordinary situation.  

The months of March and April 2020 saw the highest inflow of orders for distribution of healthcare products like medical equipment and pharmaceutical drugs. As its digital transformation partner, TCS has helped Cardinal Health stand steady and prepared in the fight against the pandemic.