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Energy-Carbon View (ECView)


As the effects of global warming become increasingly visible, regulatory pressure on corporations to report their energy and carbon footprints and “go green” has intensified. Apart from this, there is pressure on enterprises to reduce energy bills, improve stakeholder perception and even look for additional revenues through green measures. Therefore, an enterprise has to continuously assess its “as-is” state, identify the chief carbon / energy contributors and execute measures to reduce the energy and carbon footprints.

To help overcome the challenges in going green, we, at TCS, offer our Energy-Carbon View (ECView) solution. This comprehensive, enterprise-wide energy and carbon management tool helps you monitor, assess, report, manage and improve the energy and carbon footprints. It offers real-time views of energy, cost and carbon footprints and enables compliance and reporting in adherence to regulatory requirements.

Download Brochure ECView (70 KB)