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Firms increasingly tapping digital technology to engage customers: Tata unit


The Business Times

In the featured article in Business Times, Singapore, Dr. Satya Ramaswamy, VP and Global Head, Digital Enterprise, TCS, says 79% of Asia-Pacific firms in the TCS survey expect to connect with their customer via mobile apps

Companies are realizing that digital technologies have become major tools in connecting with customers. Today’s world wants a merger between the physical and the digital world. According to Satya , this merging of the two experiences is one of the major findings of a global trend report titled 'The Road to Reimagination.

Satya explains the digital five forces: cloud, mobility, big data, social media and artificial intelligence and robotics, which companies are combining to achieve differential competitive advantage. He cautions saying that digital journey is not always without ‘pitfalls and challenges’, highlighting a key challenge of companies getting carried away by a fascination with the technologies, instead of focusing directly on the business benefits.

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