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Holistic elderly care: The future is now


The Business Times

The Business Times, Singapore's leading business daily, has featured an opinion piece by Girish Ramachandran, President, TCS Asia Pacific. Titled 'Holistic elderly care: The future is now', the thought leadership piece narrates the paradigm shift in age-care requirements in the region and how disruptive technology can build a tech driven, comprehensive age-care platform for senior citizens.

The article also features TCS' ongoing efforts towards creating an integrated care platform under SHINESeniors project, a research initiative by the SMU-TCS iCity Lab (a joint venture between Singapore Management University and Tata Consultancy Services).

The article highlights the unsustainable nature of traditional model of elderly care. Girish talks about a new paradigm of ‘active aging, aging-in-place, aging with grace’, which can be delivered at the doorstep of the elderly through technology. The beauty of such technology-driven integrated-care is that it is capable of delivering a personalized care according to the unique profiles of individuals. Girish calls this model a ‘human-centric’ approach to elderly care. 

Read the entire article here.