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To explore the immersive four-decade-long history of research and innovation at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Innovation Showcases have been set up at each TCS Pace Port™. Visitors can explore the TCS story in its entirety through the senses of sight, hearing, and touch, thanks to the experiential displays designed for these spaces.

On show are stories of innovation and change from across the globe that have been powered by TCS. These successes transcend industries and markets, while also impacting millions of lives. From 3D-printed implants to personalized car insurance, from smart homes to connected cars, and from financial inclusion to smart governance, the TCS Innovation Showcases are packed with game-changing stories presented in a rich media format.

The Innovation Showcases demonstrate TCS’ ability to understand what our clients need and how we continue to partner with them to effectively drive their growth agenda. The seamless mingling of physical artefacts and models in these spaces not only complements digital assets, but also adds to the immersive nature of the stories.

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