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Purpose-led transformation: Arun Pradeep


The CEO Magazine: Mar 17, 2021

Parcel volumes grew by as much as 50 percent over the past year in some countries as the COVID-19 pandemic prompted people to shop online for everyday staples. Arun Pradeep, Business Head of Travel, Transportation and Hospitality (TTH), Europe, TCS, discusses how the industry has adapted to these changes, and how industry is harnessing technology for the future, keeping in mind the importance of sustainable supply chains, and data-driven logistics.

Elaborating on what the TTH industry’s digital transformation roadmap looks like, Pradeep says that most operators already had digitalization plans in place. “…But there is a new urgency to implement their plans faster. The opportunity lies in relooking at the end-to-end customer journey − digital channels are going to be the most prominent means of reaching customers. We recently reimagined all digital channels of a postal organization accounting for diverse customer personas across the country, and the results have been phenomena.”

Commenting on the balance between sustainability and increasing demand, and the role of technology in logistics, Pradeep explains that “while there are many initiatives − like green logistics, a circular economy − that companies embark upon, we are seeing a conscious effort by all our clients to put sustainability at the heart of their operations”. “Only a strongly data-driven organization is going to win the first step in the game to make operations sustainable,” he adds.

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