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One of the tenets of the TCS Pace™ philosophy is continual innovation towards tangible business outcomes. Pace Port™ Amsterdam is a greenfield setting that allows for unique ideas to flourish towards creating improvements in technology, an enhanced user experience, and a consequent positive business outcome.

Furthering this continual effort in the area of innovation, Pace Port Amsterdam has launched a unique student-focused initiative – an internship program -- across Europe. The program will offer students the opportunity to work hands-on with a team on a project involving innovation and digital transformation. It is also designed to help bolster their prospects for a career in digital technologies, innovation or digitalization.

The internship initiative builds on the belief that a young, fresh mind will bring in a different perspective to counter innovation challenges.

The Pace philosophy also underlines that all elements of an evolving ecosystem – be these startups or academia -- be plugged and leveraged as part of the innovation process. The internship program dovetails with the reality that a young and vibrant student network is an integral part of the innovation ecosystem.

Some of the emerging technology areas that student interns can expect to work within as part of the program include: the digital workplace; digital/ sustainable finance; the future of mobility; 5G in telecommunications.

The Who, What, How of the Internship Program

Students who qualify will get the opportunity to secure a three-month internship with a project team, working on an innovation-driven piece of research or project. During this period, interns will be introduced to a variety of topics and services offered by TCS to its clients and will therefore be able to make more informed decisions about their future decisions involving a career or higher education. The program is designed to work as a catalyst in helping young innovators make more focused and informed professional choices.

Final-year students pursuing business, innovation- or digital technology-related studies towards a Bachelor’s, Master’s or an MBA, are encouraged to apply. They can simply write in to with a copy of their resume.

Following the completion of the internship, the students will be able to pursue career opportunities further with TCS -- for instance, via TCS’ Grow@TCS European trainee program. Additionally, these interns will get a certificate of completion. The opportunity at the Pace Port will help them prepare to work in hybrid teams in the long run and gain market perspective as they understand client requirements in terms of creating innovative business solutions.

Why Pursue an Internship at Pace Port™ Amsterdam?

Pace Port Amsterdam is a fertile environment dedicated to innovation in the digital technology space. The Pace Port is an experiential scientific hub for cutting-edge collaborative projects in innovation to address real-world problems. This makes the internship a real-world opportunity to work in terms of co-innovation projects. The projects themselves call for an immersive and high-energy approach towards creative thinking and problem-solving. Moreover, working at a Pace Port itself calls for harnessing a collective intelligence in the activities of co-creation, co-innovation.

Last but not the least, TCS aims to shape a future generation of business leaders that can successfully grapple with uncertainty in a rapidly changing world, by leveraging applied knowledge and embracing all of the possibilities that new technologies offer. The Pace internship program allows students to be a part of a dynamic and dedicated technology environment where fast failure is encouraged so newer ideas in innovation have room to flourish.

Watch what K Ananth Krishnan, TCS EVP & CTO has to say about the Internship Program. 

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