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Corporate innovation for Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India)


Financial Express : Aug 27, 2020

While Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. (TCS) is acknowledged for pioneering India’s IT revolution and also creating wealth for its stakeholders with the second largest market cap, it is lesser-known that it has contributed fine solutions for India’s socio-economic wellbeing through research, development and innovation. Way back in October 1981, it created an ecosystem to foster disruptive innovations for social and commercial purposes through the establishment of its first offshore development center focused on research and design in Pune. To achieve the vision given by then Group Chairman – JRD Tata, ‘Focus on applying science and technology for the benefit of industry and people’, TRDDC (Tata Research Development and Design Center) collaborated with international institutions such as MIT, Stanford University and Georgia Tech from USA, and the King’s College, London. It successfully delivered innovations at the intersection of business and society. Now, over 2,500 TCS employees worked in R&D, asset creation and innovation, with a consistent annual investment of 1.5% of the total turnover ($22 billion in FY20) on research and innovation.

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