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Rethinking Omnichannel and Brand Identity: Connecting the Physical with Digital


Retail Touch Points

In this article, Seeta Hariharan, VP & Head of TCS’ Digital Software & Solutions Group discusses the need to deliver differentiated experiences that create brand value and build sustainable competitive advantage. She outlines the significance of seamlessly integrating customers' digital and physical worlds.

Excerpts from the article:
The future of retailing will include tighter and tighter integration between the physical and digital stores. Retailers on the cutting edge will exploit their brick-and-mortar stores by providing unique digital experiences. They will use technologies like Bluetooth and Beacon to assess their customer’s shopping interests as they walk through their stores. This will enable the retailers to aid their customers by directing them to specific products, make real-time compelling offers to close sales, and build deeper brand loyalty.

The fact of the matter is that delivering on your brand promise today means delivering what your customers value most about what you offer, seamlessly across all channels. To be truly omni-channel means there should be no difference between the brand experience companies deliver to customers online, at their brick-and-mortar stores, or with their customer service representatives on the phone. That said, I truly believe that we need to look at omni-channel as part of a larger need to focus on the overall integration of the physical with the digital. Not only is it a change in approach, it’s a shift in how we all view and conceptualize the challenges we face today to ensure tomorrow’s success.

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