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Preparing NZ for an ageing population : June, 2020

The growing number of retirement homes and villages in New Zealand seem to be very well positioned to try non-invasive technologies, using data analytics to improve efficiency of the care offered to the elderly, and to focus on preventive, rather than reactive mode of the care using big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Our ongoing research project on big data analytics and the use of AI algorithms brought our attention to an interesting approach that is being tested in by the SMU-TCS iCity Lab in Singapore and could be a model for New Zealand. It has begun a project experimenting with technologies to address the needs of its senior citizens living alone. This could be a first step towards using big data and analytics to prepare for the ageing populating without compromising the resources that are required for the education, healthcare and wellbeing of the younger generation. Click here to read the full story.