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SBI Cards and Payments Services Ltd. is India’s largest pure-play credit card issuer. TCS has been one of SBI Card’s key digital partners, working on its IT applications since 2008.

During the COVID-19 crisis when social distancing norms were affecting customer interactions, SBI Card worked closely with TCS to implement Video KYC and eSignature features for fully digitalizing its cards sourcing process.

Leveraging Partnership

TCS introduced its Co-Innovation Network (COINTM) partner, HyperVerge for video functionality implementation comprising of video interaction, PAN validation and facial recognition features. SBI Card evaluated and found HyperVerge possessed relevant expertise for successful execution of VKYC. SBI Card onboarded the eSign gateway functionality enabled by National e-Governance Services Limited (NESL). This eSign functionality integration was also enabled in partnership with TCS. This entire digitalization project was complex, considering the integration touchpoints between these new technologies and SBI Card-owned Sales24 platform (used for new account originations).

Since the lockdown was also preventing co-location of associates, TCS deployed its Secure Borderless Workspaces (SBWSTM) model to make its team operational from remote locations. To add to the difficulties, the associates in certain locations faced two cyclones - Amphan and Nisarga, which disrupted the connectivity and power for a few days. Nonetheless, the SBI Card IT team and TCS development teams worked round-the-clock and made the go-live possible in three weeks.

SBI Card customer can now complete a digital KYC within 15 minutes. VKYC has also made customer onboarding contactless and entire customer experience seamless during COVID-19.

Mr. Ashwini Tewari, MD & CEO, SBI Card said, “VKYC has enabled us to build a presence-less, secure customer onboarding journey, which is particularly relevant in current times of Covid-19 pandemic as social distancing has become the norm. I congratulate all the teams who have ensured quick turnaround during this challenging Covid period.”