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SMU-TCS-iCity Lab Research enables Remote Medication Monitoring


The SMU-TCS iCity Lab, a joint venture between the Singapore Management University and Tata Consultancy Services, focuses on research and development of intelligent and inclusive city solutions.

Singapore Management University (SMU) and TCS have partnered to create the SMU-TCS iCity lab located in the campus of SMU in Singapore, dedicated for intelligent cities related research.

GoodLife!, a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) is part in a three-year pilot by the SMU-TCS iCity Lab to see how technology can help seniors age and live independently while helping community care volunteers and medical professionals better monitor and support them.

One part of the trial, which started in July 2015, involves monitoring the amount of medicines the seniors take, using a sensor in a medication box. Sensors attached to the medication box tracks if the seniors are taking the medicines appropriately.  The raw data is sent wirelessly to SMU’s server where the research team plots the information into graphs for care coordinators to better understand the seniors’ medication patterns and  helps with medical intervention at the right time.

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