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Soon, Automation Won’t Be an Option but a Necessity for Business Leaders


SiliconRepublic - Sep 19, 2019

Surya Kant, President, North America, UK and Europe, TCS authored a report in SiliconRepublic offering advice on how business leaders could get ready for automation to unleash their organization’s human potential. The opinion piece discusses how, until now, many businesses have viewed automation as something for the future or a ‘nice to have’, rather than a practical solution that can make a big difference today.  Automation can contribute to effectively running the business while humans are given more time to focus on how to change the business.

Integrating cloud-based internet of things (IoT) solutions, for example, enables rapid data-driven services and value delivery. Increasing numbers of businesses are pulling data gathered from remote sensors and extracting value from these sets using deep-learning technologies.

Traditionally, manufacturers have been under the most scrutiny for potential automation investments out of fear of job displacement for shop-floor workers. Because of this, businesses must ensure employees can thrive in this new environment.

They need to become comfortable with automation and artificial intelligence (AI) as a co-worker to help them perform their jobs more effectively (for example, using automation to assist shop-floor workers in improving their personal productivity instead of replacing them outright), or allowing them time to focus on more creative, strategic or new business challenges.

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