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Success a 2-way street for Tata


The Manila Times

Featured article in The Manila Times, a leading Philippines publication, TCS Philippines country manager, Vikram Singh explains how success is a 2-way street for TCS. According to Vikram, the key to success comes from working with a trusted partner to provide the insight, support and expertise to propel business forward.

Vikram describes how TCS Philippines has grown from a contact center to a strategic outsourcing location since its inception in 2008. Vikram says, “When we started, we had one or two customers as pilot, but today we have a significant number of customers which we are leveraging from Manila and servicing them across the globe.” In 2010, TCS established its first delivery centre in Manila that serves both regional and global customers today .

He asserts that TCS Philippines is headed for further expansion citing the Academic Interface Program launched last year as part of the career program in partnership with several Philippines Universities to help propel the nation's competencies faster.

Vikram admits to the unique challenges being presented due to digital disruption of new technologies, nonetheless, he believes “TCS will continue to leverage on their globally recognized delivery models, to help their customers achieve certainty in their success.”

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