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TCS Asia Pacific President Vish Iyer Guest at Bloomberg TV Asia


Bloomberg TV

In this interview with Angie Lau of Bloomberg TV Asia, Vish Iyer, President, TCS Asia Pacific, provides insights on a number of questions related to new horizons in India, China and Japan relations and TCS’ global business outlook.

Focusing on the new Indian government, Vish said that the overall relationship agenda around Asia has got a ‘cooperative’ approach. With the announcement of creating 100 smart cities in India, Vish commented that it opens doors to opportunity for the neighboring countries and that their interest into these developments has been noticed.

He also discusses the positive outlook of TCS and Japan’s partnership. Japan being a large market, Vish stressed the need for workforce talent and that TCS’ partnership with Mitsubishi is a step in that direction. He further added that the IT consumption in the world is growing and there are a lot of discussions around digital technology, which is also a focus area for TCS.

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