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TCS Digital Library is an interactive channel that delivers cutting-edge thought leadership from TCS’ vibrant Research & Innovation (R&I) community, digitally. It redefines the library experience by offering a unique, multi-spectral collection of stories across a spectrum of R&I subject matter such as:     

  • Profiles of our research thought leaders - An introduction to TCS’ research thought leaders and their pathbreaking work in the areas of data and decision sciences, behavioral and social sciences, robotics, life sciences, cyber security, and material sciences.
  • TCS patents – Know more about TCS’ intellectual property, and the associated areas that has enabled TCS to gain a differential position in the world of digital technology.
  • White papers – An in-depth presentation of contextual knowledge that serves  as  the perfect testimony to the deep-rooted research and understanding of the business, customers and technology,  as a whole.
  • Books – A wide collection of TCS authored books that takes the readers through the journey of continuous innovation at TCS.
  • Perspectives – TCS’ leading management journal that serves to initiate thought-provoking dialogue and is  presented  by TCS experts who have helped companies across the globe to solve their business challenges.
  • Thought Leadership content – An ensemble of leading-edge viewpoints covering the aspects of industrialization and digitization.
  • Publications – Expert content authored by TCS’ in-house team of scientists
  • Blogs – Bite-sized nuggets of information offering industry perspectives; sheds light on trends across industries and technologies
  • Videos – A presentation of insights from TCS leadership