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TCS looks inside for next big technology solutions


TCS is looking at doubling the capacity of its internal startup incubation programme to 10-12 projects; it counts on the programme to bring in new products such as drones and services instead of buying innovative companies. TCS’ automation platform Ignio™, which now has its own business unit, and its IOT-platform, which helped the company win a large deal from Rolls Royce, have all come out of the incubation programme.

Unlike its smaller rivals such as Infosys and Wipro that have invested in startups to build capabilities, TCS has taken a contrarian approach of using talent from it’s nearly 4, 00,000 workforce and help incubate new ideas to stay relevant.

While elaborating K Ananth Krishnan, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, TCS said that incubation capability is a horizontal, which we have been running for the last three or four years with 6 projects continuously existing. TCS spent about Rs 1,100 crore on its research projects in the last financial year.

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