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Tata Consultancy Services' Natarajan Chandrasekaran takes the long view


Nikkei Asian Review

Nikkei Asian Review (NAR), a leading business publication from Hong Kong, highlights TCS’ steady success amid recession under CEO & MD, N. Chandrasekaran’s leadership, featuring him in the Nikkei Asian Review Asia300 ‘Major Value Producers’ edition.

The article explains how N. Chandrsekaran believes in long-term visions and goals. In his interview with NAR, he states how his passion for long-distance running taught him a valuable life lesson that he applies in his work. "One thing I've learned from running marathons is that everything is a long haul, nothing happens overnight", said Chandrasekaran.

During the global recession, TCS weathered the crisis well in part due to N. Chandrasekaran’s strategy where he immediately set about restructuring TCS’ global operations after succeeding Subramanian Ramadorai in 2009.

According to a TCS executive, Chandrasekaran swiftly initiated projects in new fields such as cloud computing to add value to its services through mobile apps, robotics and the internet of things (IoT). Services related to new digital technologies now comprise 15% of TCS' total sales.

According to NAR, TCS has reported fourfold increase in revenue since August 2008 recording a market capitalization of over $70 billion, making it India's most valuable company today.

Chandrasekaran, 53, who got into running in his mid40s has participated in some of the leading marathons in the world including TCS NYC Marathon.

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