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TCS helps A New IT Service Model Take Flight at Qantas

Baseline, a leading global business technology publication highlights how Qantas, Australia’s leading airline, partnered with TCS to transform its ERP systems and shift key areas of its IT to the cloud.

Qantas had started to face challenges in managing huge volumes of data with their existing ERP Systems. According to Eric Pona, Qantas Technology Manager of Enterprise System, it demanded considerable amount of effort and resources to monitor the system that was required for its effective functioning. Their key challenges involved implementation of complex ERP systems and a large number of resources allocated into monitoring those systems.

Qantas partnered with TCS to assist them on their transformational journey in upgrading their ERP platform. Meeting customer expectations, TCS delivered a new, highly agile and flexible ERP platform, resulting in reduced company cost, streamlined vendor management and significantly decreased IT administration. Qantas went live with the new enterprise suite in April 2014, on-time and on-budget. Th software-as-a-service (SaaS) is hosted on a private cloud, consolidating all of the airline’s Oracle ERP modules.

The cloud-based platform has allowed Qantas to operate in an entirely new way, helping them shift to a more integrated and flexible IT service environment.

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