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TCS Rapid Labs aims at accelerating innovation.  It solves business problems, adopting a unique rapid methodology that enables the end-to-end lifecycle of solution prototyping to move faster--from concept to design and development. The facility thus helps businesses get an early feel of innovation, and expedite decision-making processes to elevate the innovation quotient.  The labs’ core focus is to build rapid prototypes using niche technologies including AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, blockchain, and robotics. It also enables enterprises to become change-ready by helping them embrace technology innovation at a faster cadence, aiming to lend them first-mover advantage.

Take a look at the value addition that TCS Rapid Labs creates:

  • Time-bound resolution of customer challenges by expedited building of innovative business solutions leveraging emerging technologies
  • Speedy validation of learning in the form of proof-of-technology for business challenges
  • Leveraging repeatable processes to build innovative product and services lines
  • Creation of a robust foundation for future enterprise scale solutions
  • Minimizing business risk and reduction in go-to-market time thus providing first-mover advantage
  • Exploring collaborative opportunities with alliance partners, and building an ecosystem of co-innovation
  • Showcase center with state-of-the art infrastructure


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