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  • Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E team leverages data to predict race outcomes and optimize performance.
  • A TCS-built cloud environment, running on AWS, speeds up the flow of data from the racetrack to the team base and vice versa.
  • Cloud, digital twin technology, and rapid access to data allow Jaguar TCS Racing to push the boundaries of the race car in the virtual world to improve its performance in the real world.
Cloud computing enables our team to drive operational efficiency when developing tools for deployment across racing activity.
James Barclay

Team Principal, Jaguar TCS Racing


At the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, top performance depends on time-critical data analytics. Whether at the racetrack or at the team base, Jaguar TCS Racing engineers need timely access to this data to make informed decisions about car set-up and race strategy.

Undoubtedly, this is where championships are won or lost.

  • Formula E rules bind every team to use the same car chassis and battery, so Jaguar TCS Racing must develop the optimal set-up to win races.
  • The speed of access to data from the track directly impacts the team’s ability to test and optimize the car’s set-up, which includes the powertrain, suspension package, energy usage strategy, and software.
  • At the racetrack, Jaguar TCS Racing collects an enormous amount of data – approximately 3 TB each race weekend.
An increasing number of companies are investing in a long-term cloud strategy to gain a competitive advantage, and Jaguar TCS Racing is no exception.
Varun Kapur

TCS Vice President and Senior Managing Partner, Sustainable Manufacturing


Jaguar turned to its title partner, TCS, the world’s second largest IT and technology consulting company, to help speed up the flow of data from the racetrack to the factory and vice versa.

  • TCS and Jaguar TCS Racing leveraged the power and speed of cloud to give engineers timely access to data.
  • Hosting data on the cloud gives Jaguar TCS Racing engineers and strategists valuable time to fine-tune the set-up of their Jaguar I-TYPE 6.
  • Time-critical data analytics at the track and the factory inform race strategy by powering data-driven decision-making and allows the team to predict outcomes at the track.
Formula E is a real world testbed for TCS technology. The lessons we learn on the racetrack are refined and deployed into our communities.
Bill Bosak

TCS Futurist

For performance and greater futures

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