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TCS Innovation Labs – Insurance


In today’s digital era, changed circumstances are the new normal. If your business has to realize strategic differentiation, an innovation ecosystem is no longer optional - it is essential. Partner with TCS’ Innovation Labs and lay the foundation to become a digital insurance enterprise.

In order to remain competitive, insurers need efficient distribution channels that optimize asset utilization and support creation of niche products that are critical to remain viable and relevant. Additionally, increased regulatory and risk management requirements are compelling insurers to look for new ways to achieve operational excellence while reducing costs. Accounting for and addressing these trends requires threading the elements of innovation into your business strategy.

TCS is at the forefront of innovation. The TCS Insurance Innovation Lab combines global presence with research-based solutions in advanced technologies to offer the following:

  • TCS Digital Insurance Agent Solution: Created on a mobile platform, this intuitive, comprehensive solution increases agents’ productivity by providing them the right product and service information at the right time. This leads to faster and more efficient sales and services and a reduction in selling costs.
    Read Press Release: TCS Digital Insurance Agent Offers Enriched One Stop Mobile Solution for Insurance Agents

  • TCS Digital Insurance Virtual Advisor Solution: Designed to increase customer satisfaction as well as facilitate employee training, our solution features an interactive animated character as the virtual assistant. By providing customers with a self-service mode to complete transactions online, our solution increases user satisfaction and enhances the user experience, while simultaneously reducing associated service and call center costs. It also opens up avenues for up-selling and cross-selling.

  • TCS Digital Insurance Risk Assessment Solution: By converting data from various enterprise and external sources into configurable geo-spatial risk layers, our solution aids commercial property underwriters assess the potential risk of natural disasters in a specific location. It helps drive informed GIS-driven risk management decision making. Additionally, the availability of visual data minimizes the need for live site visits, thereby reducing costs.

  • TCS Digital Insurance Telematics Solution: Our smartphone-based mobile telematics application enables the adoption of a cost-effective telematics business model without expensive black box technology. The availability of customer analytics, engagement with customers and the customer experience are all greatly enhanced with this solution.
    Read Press Release: TCS Launches Mobile Telematics Solution for Auto Insurers


TCS Innovation Forum – Insurance USA, 2014: Reimagining Insurance in a Digital World

TCS will host its 6th annual Innovation Forum for Insurance in New York City, USA, with a focus on ‘Reimagining Insurance in a Digital World.’ Leading industry speakers will discuss, debate and reimagine the insurance organization of the future.

White Papers

Digital Transformation of the Insurance Industry — Driving Efficiency, Effectiveness and Growth

In this white paper, we discuss how insurers can use the digitization opportunity to deliver greater value to their customers and gain a competitive advantage. Insurers can engage more intensely with existing customers and attract newer customers with innovative products, improve both profitability and growth.

Press Releases

TCS Launches Mobile Telematics Solution for Auto Insurers

New York | Mumbai, December 19, 2013: TCS announces the launch of TCS Insurance Telematics Solution, a mobile application that turns consumers’ smartphones into mobile telematics devices.

Press Releases

TCS Unveils “Digital Wallet” App for Drivers – Insurance QuickPass

Mumbai, July 1, 2013: TCS releases the “TCS Insurance QuickPass” – an app that allows insured drivers to maintain a true “digital wallet” that includes a digital version of their insurance card and other critical policy and resource information on their smartphones.