IT Performance

Optimize your IT infrastructure and enhance business performance with TCS’ IT Performance.

The major challenge for organizations, is to ensure that their technology systems are efficient, scalable and sustainable and improve business performance at a low cost of ownership. TCS’ IT Performance is well positioned to address your diverse technology (application and IT Infrastructure) transformation and optimization needs.

The TCS Advantage | Services We Offer | Benefits 

The TCS Advantage

At TCS, we have more than 3000 person years’ experience in providing thought leadership, building high performance applications and supporting infrastructure components to our clients. We specialize in the areas of user experience with expertise in application and infrastructure architecture.

We leverage our proven proprietary methodologies such as ProcessFusion, TierMon, OPTIMA 10S, SMARTStrategy and TierPULSE™ to help you realize top system performance consistently and derive the maximum value from your IT systems.We have delivered measurable business benefits to several clients worldwide, including some in the Fortune 500 list.

Services We Offer

TCS’ IT Performance Consulting provides various services based on the voice of customers and covering the entire lifecycle of both application technology stack and the underlying IT infrastructure:

  • Datacenter Migration / Consolidation: Helps to reduce TCO, improve operational efficiency, improve the flexibility and scalability and minimize risks by consolidating the datacenter footprint across various geographies into fewer locations. The key areas of focus within this offering include the following:
    • Data center consolidation and rationalization
    • Infrastructure consolidation
  • Infrastructure / Cloud Assessment and Blueprinting: Helps you achieve greater business value from the investment made in infrastructure by developing a roadmap to build a dynamic IT infrastructure aligned to the demands of your business needs.
    • Conduct an assessment of your organization’s IT infrastructure landscape and identify opportunities for improvement to help you transform your IT systems state-of-art environment
    • Define the target state architecture to arrive at an effective IT infrastructure landscape environment, which helps you address the concern of Reliability, Availability and Scalability (RAS) 
    • Analyze the business value and provide business case development for optimization projects as well as new emerging technology areas such as cloud computing
    • Identify energy-saving opportunities across the distributed environments and data centers
    • Quickly incorporate emerging technologies into the existing infrastructure
    • Enhance the IT service delivery quality
  • Infrastructure/MIPS Optimization:
    • Mainframe MIPS Optimizatio
    • Storage Optimization / Reduction
    • Test Data Management
    • Infrastructure Optimization and Rationalization
  • Performance Diagnostics: Ensures that your business applications meet the defined service level agreements by ongoing performance diagnostics. We help you define strategy to monitor the performance of business-critical applications / IT resources and ensure prompt problem detection, analysis and resolution. Our focus areas include diagnosing the system / sub-system software and application software, including third-party tools.
  • Performance Lifecycle Management: Serves as the end-to-end performance engineering process to deliver applications with high performance. We leverage our proprietary PLM framework to help you acheive optimized and scalable systems that can address future business growth. Our services are aimed to deliver proactive performance management to address the performance of the project / application alongside the SDLC processes to save effort and costs.
  • Application Engineering (Non-Functional), Sizing and Usability Engineering:
    Ensures the optimum performance and availability of your business-critical applications, in normal as well as peak load conditions including the following:
    • Reviewing the Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) for the system such as performance, scalability, availability, etc.
    • Designing the target application architecture to ensure that applications meet the defined response time, throughput and utilization criteria
    • Developing / building / re-engineering business applications to meet the defined NFR of the system
    • Developing the right size hardware for application deployments
  • Resource Consumption Optimization: Helps reduce the TCO and operational and capital costs. It also improves operational efficiency, flexibility and scalability and mitigates risks by consolidating the IT infrastructure components / footprint on both Mainframe and distributed platforms. Over the years, we have helped our customers to achieve these goals in a very efficient way.
  • Technology Refresh: Helps manage custom-built applications in a heterogeneous IT environment and transform these systems to newer technologies by proposing a strategy to refresh the landscape.Technology Refresh Offerings:
    • Enterprise Technology Refresh Assessment / Strategy
    • Technology Upgrade Assessment
    • Database Upgrade / Standardization Strategy

Solution Benefits

TCS’ IT Performance Consulting provide integrated and end-to-end solutions encompassing end-user experience, application technology stack and underlying IT infrastructure components. Our solutions also deliver the following benefits:

  • Ensure optimum performance and availability of the business-critical applications within an organization
  • Achieve greater business value from the investments made in infrastructure
  • Enhance IT service delivery quality
  • Help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), operational and capital costs
  • Improve operational efficiency, flexibility, scalability and risks by consolidating the IT Infrastructure components / footprint

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