Infrastructure Blueprinting

Drive your IT infrastructure transformation with minimal risk and maximum benefit by leveraging TCS’ Infrastructure Blueprinting Consulting Services

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The TCS Advantage

TCS’ Infrastructure Blueprinting Consulting Services drive IT infrastructure transformation by helping you move to a target state infrastructure aligned to business needs and industry trends.

We help you to move to the right platform with minimal risk and maximum benefit by leveraging TCS’ Optima 10S methodology, which in turn improves the productivity and operational efficiency of your IT infrastructure portfolio.

Services We Offer

Our research indicates that companies often ignore IT infrastructure blueprinting in their transformation initiatives, which often results in delays during the implementation and low-transparency of the solution roadmap.  

Our clients face additional challenges including the following:

  • Starved infrastructure budgets with reduced RTB
  • Integration and optimization of merging business entities
  • Need to reduce infrastructure footprint by moving toward a centralization paradigm
  • Need to redirect spending toward growth areas

Multiple market leaders have realized their objective to move to the right platform with minimal risk and maximum benefit by leveraging TCS’ Optima 10S methodology.

Having 3000+ person years experience in IT infrastructure transformation, blueprinting and optimization, and providing thought leadership to transform various customers' IT infrastructure, TCS’ Infrastructure Blueprinting Consulting Services help you with the following: 

  • Reducing the number of datacenters / server farms through co-location
  • Reducing server footprint with virtualization technologies
  • Rightsizing the infrastructure for optimum efficiency
  • Optimizing the number of business applications per service platform
  • Replacing many low-end under-utilized servers with fewer high-end servers, moving toward blade-centric technologies
  • Replacing existing hardware platforms with a selected standard platform
  • Reducing storage footprint in order to reduce costs and mitigate risks
  • Optimizing datacenter facilities to reduce operational costs
  • Providing you with a cloud strategy and cloud design solutions

Solution Benefits

  Leveraging our IT infrastructure blueprinting would help you with the following benefits:  

  • A 15-30% improvement in overall transformation costs
  • Lower RTB
  • IT cost (TCO) reduction, including capex and opex reduction and increased IT infrastructure utilization
  • A 20-25% improvement in efficiency within 3-6 months for an average investment of $200,000
  • Policy-based storage optimization solutions so you are able to gain more from the current environment and support future business growth better
  • Business and IT integration, including inter-process, inter-business unit and inter-entity business integration
  • Business and IT agility, with the ability to handle peaks, scale, report events, etc. 

Our solutions enhance your ability to link your infrastructure capabilities to the business needs, which in turn results in improved productivity and operational performance.   

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