Usability Engineering

Transform your customers’ digital experience and increase the adoption and success of your internal and customer digital platforms with TCS’ Usability Engineering Services.

The TCS Advantage | Services We Offer | Benefits 

The TCS Advantage

At TCS, we combine our experience as both developers of computer systems and consumers to evolve an indigenously developed premise of usability principles and standards that help you build the most user-centric interfaces.

Applying the user concepts of behavior, psychology, marketing, design and technology, we bring to your interface development project a user-centered design outlook, backed by extensive research in real-time user experience.

Services We Offer

TCS’ Usability Engineering Services analyze, define and recommend the interface design principles and usability standards that address your users’ specific objectives while on your system.

This includes any or all of the following services:

  • Assessment
    • Interviews
      - Interview users to understand user and business objectives
      - Assess the application backgroun
    • Heuristic Evaluation
          - Analyze content efficiency of the screen “real estate” to compare interface alignment with
            the known usability principles (heuristics)
         - Evaluate task flows, screen layouts, content and labeling, and other onscreen factors
  • Modeling
    • Prototyping
          - Provide a structured low-fidelity prototype of the user interface (UI) to explore initial ideas
            of the framework
          - Initiate an iterative design process to identify bottlenecks and design omission
    • Information Architecture Design
           - Determine whether the UI accommodates content accurately, clearly presenting metaphors to the user and adhering to the principles of information taxonomy
  • User Interface Design
    • Hi-Fidelity Prototyping
         - Provide a realistic approach for the end-users toward the UI design, since functionality and
           user-experience are closely connected in a high-fidelity prototyp
    • Visual Design
         - Convert plain looking prototypes into stylized templates by adding colours / graphics / and
           other branding aspects and brings them closer to the live website feel
         - Enhance aesthetics and communication design, which play a crucial cycle in the user-centric

Solution Benefits

Our services help you build digital applications that enjoy high adoption and ease of use for its target users such as employees, customers, partners and others. A marked focus on real user functionality helps match user goals to web design and system UI design significantly increasing productivity. We deliver additional value through the following:

  • Highly accessible systems for greater accuracy
  • Navigable, simple and engaging user-experience for your customers
  • Fast and reliable UI for increased user satisfaction

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