App Factory: Industrialized Application Development for the Automotive Industry

No market is more competitive than the automotive market. The challenges facing the sector are enormous. Driven by changes in technology and advancing globalization, the production cycles are becoming shorter, the competition is getting more intense and the cost pressure is rising steadily. How can development competencies, capabilities and faster results be provided under these circumstances?

In contrast to conventional development methods, concept of the 'App Factory' offers solutions using quick, customer-oriented application development on an industrial scale. Companies in the automotive industry can use TCS’ 'App Factory' and ensure a significant edge in global competition. It uses the SOA-Agile™ approach combined with its virtually unlimited scalable resources in the Global Network Delivery Model™ to satisfy customer needs.

Sustainable Value through the 'App Factory': 

  • Quick, high-quality development results at low costs and with low deflections in the error rate
  • Reliable management of changing requirements
  • Reduction of complexity and risk - Early prototyping ensures transparency, verifiability and continual improvement in the processes
  • Effective, flexible contract model (Agile Contracting)
  • Guaranteed adherence to budget by establishing a flat project rate
  • Faster return on investment (RoI) compared to conventional development methods

In this white paper, we highlight two best practice stories of how the automotive industry can concretely profit from TCS’ 'App Factory':

  • Using the Online Platform for Vehicle Configuration: This helps the vehicles come to life, with the help of the new applications and services, anytime and anywhere.
  • Using TCS’ Listening Solution: This enable companies to analyze (cross-channel and in detail) the social media activity that affects the customer community.

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