A podcast series on CX Design, Innovation and Technology

Designing Customer Experience for Driving Results

The first in the series of podcasts on CX, Skip Vanderburg, TCS, discusses design, omni-channel strategies, wearable’s, IoT, and much more.

For CXOs, Digital leads and Executives responsible for innovation, or those who are new to customer experience and design, the podcast brings specific insights into the following areas:

  • Marketing specific scenarios related to customer experience
  • How technology can be leveraged to enhance and optimize experiences
  • Innovative discussions on new trending concepts in digital and more
  • What experience design is all about and how to expand your knowledge of CX for your personal benefit and your organization or customers

Speaker’s info:
Skip Vanderburg, Chief Innovation Officer, DESS, Digital Consulting, TCS

As a Chief Innovation Officer, Creative Technologist & Visual Innovator executive Skip has spent 25+ year’s defining, developing, launching and managing innovative products and solutions to create new markets and disrupt established markets.

Follow him on Twitter (@skipvanderburg) and connect on LinkedIn for more.

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