Think Globally, Execute Locally – Optimizing Retail Transportation for Omni Channel Success

This paper examines the current state of transportation planning and provides insights on the ways in which omni-channel retailers can drive improvements in this area. We also identify alternative transportation planning strategies to help retailers drive the changes required to meet current and future challenges.

Current Challenges Impacting Transportation Planning
The traditional and simplistic transportation planning approach needs to be reconsidered as companies begin to adopt an omni-channel business model and e-commerce continues to rapidly account for a larger portion of the shipping volume. This section delves into several implications of transitioning to omni-channel fulfillment.

Current Transportation Planning Practices and Business Impacts
This section describes the three transportation planning methodologies and their impact on personnel responsibilities as well as the required supporting infrastructure.

Common Transportation Planning Performance Challenges
Even deploying the best transportation solutions, several possible reasons for performance gaps are explored here when companies fail to address them.

The Six Guiding Principles for Optimizing Transportation Planning
1. Set bold goals for transportation planning
2. Plan and manage transportation centrally
3. Encompass all supply chain network nodes
4. Integrate inbound freight to increase backhauls
5. Employ dynamic routing and scheduling
6. Assess and improve objectively

Benefits of Managed Services in Transportation
Rainwater discusses how managed services can be leveraged to improve routine but very valuable processes such as transportation load planning and scheduling, freight bill audit and payment or import trade operations.

Making Centralized Transportation a Business Priority
The ability to transition to a centralized control tower is critical to managing the increasingly diverse supply chain network.

In this white paper, Deanna concludes with saying that centralized control tower helps combine transportation modes and services  in new and innovative ways, thereby enabling better transportation planning and enhanced balancing of cost, service and time tradeoffs.

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