The Journey to Dynamic Omni-Channel Fulfilment

Customers expect seamless transactions across channels, with the ability to purchase in one channel and return in another in addition to short lead times and non-excessive fees. The retailer's vision is to meet all of these customer expectations whilst optimizing profitability.

This white paper examines the roadmap to omni-channel profitability by assessing:

The journey to dynamic omni-channel fulfillment (OCF)
This starts with a series of building blocks: one view of inventory, warehouse capabilities, real time data, reverse logistics, and transportation strategy. Next, the order cycle is made up of structured planning steps that ensure supply costs are balanced with service. The third step is execution which determines optimal fulfillment flow paths

The building blocks for dynamic OCF
Freeman discusses 7 building blocks that range from a single view of the customer to a holistic transportation strategy.

Striking the right balance between fulfillment cost and customer service
There are 5 steps to defining a profitable network which also requires cross-functional thinking starting with demand planning and concluding with cost to serve.

Establishing profitability through dynamic order fulfillment
Dynamic OCF must supplement the determination of the optimal flow path with real time promotional activity and targeted marketing. Analytics is required to understand the effectiveness and simulation capabilities can help ensure the fulfillment costs of planned investments are met.

In this white paper, Alan concludes with saying that by leveraging OCF, retailers can manage fulfilment effectively and improve cross-channel sales and returns while minimizing costs and boosting profitability.

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