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Re-imagine your business processes and let our solutions do the thinking for you. Lower costs, optimize quality, enhance efficiency and be at the fore-front of technology evolution with TCS Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Today companies have unlimited opportunities to serve their customers like never before. Advancements made in Cloud Computing, Social Media, Big Data and the growing acceptance of wearable computing, Internet of Things and Robots have all increased the opportunities available to companies. However, these opportunities have become a threat to the existing business models. Some typical challenges faced are:

  • Differentiating one’s products and services
  • Capitalizing on existing customers and promoting customers’ loyalty
  • Creating a personalized customer experience that is reliable, consistent and unique
  • Creating value from the huge amount of data (both structured & unstructured) currently accessible to firms

Solutions We Offer

AI focus areas include:

  • Knowledge Acquisition: Components that help to acquire data. Capabilities are built on a number of wearable technologies and interface technologies like Kinect, Brain computer interface etc.
  • Knowledge Harvesting: Capabilities are being built on machine learning. This component helps to assess current facts and their relations, infer out new relations and abstract facts
  • Knowledge Representation: Proprietary graph data base build to store the data collected/inferred and retrieve the same as and when required
  • Knowledge Consumption: Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities to help consume the intelligence stored, to build conversational systems, virtual assistants and virtual bots

Robotics focus areas include:

  • Machine Vision & Video Analytics: TCS has world class video analytics solutions to improve Retail Market Operations and Bank Automation. These intelligent video analytics can be used to understand the customer behavior and offer actionable insights. This will in turn contribute to improving customer satisfaction, optimizing the retail store or bank performance and help improve profitability.

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