TCS' Consumer Social Business Solutions

As digitally empowered consumers increasingly demand personalized products and services, the role of social media as a vital channel for customer acquisition, service, engagement, and retention only grows. This seemingly irreversible trend has major ramifications for core enterprise functions such as customer care, marketing, sales, product innovation, brand management, and supply chain.

Consumers across different industries today use social media extensively to seek opinions regarding products and services. Influencers within each user group have emerged as a significant factor determining purchase behaviors. It is, therefore, imperative for businesses to engage proactively with their consumers on various social media platforms to effectively address their needs.
Apart from fostering increased customer retention, leveraging social media can help companies resolve buyer queries on the platform in real time –thereby reducing operating expenditure. Moreover, new media networks offer an unprecedented opportunity for enterprises to undertake cost-effective marketing and lead generation campaigns.

Companies need to identify their target audience on 'new media' platforms by harnessing data analytics, and proactively 'listening' to such cohorts to better understand their requirements. In tandem, enterprises must respond to social conversations–around buyer queries, requests and complaints–real time, through constant interaction with existing and prospective clients.

Tata Consultancy Services' (TCS') Consumer Social Business offering suite helps organizations generate a 360 degree view of current and potential customers by augmenting individuals' social profiles with corresponding enterprise data. By enabling identification of gaps in the customer experience journey, we facilitate enhanced mindshare, superior customer experience, and increased profitability.

The offerings from TCS' Consumer Social Business suite enables businesses to draw actionable insights on consumer sentiment from social-media conversations, by integrating relevant data with enterprise data. This allows organizations to optimize their systems and business processes to fix gaps in the customer experience journey.

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