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Digital Reimagination

The best businesses know that digital five forces (Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics and Social Media) are sweeping the modern world, changing the way we evolve & operate and interact with our customers.



The Digital Five Forces in Action

TCS has been working globally with different brands adapting the capabilities of Digital 5 Forces to unique needs of each industry, thus reimagining the business model, products & services, customer segments, channels, business processes and workplaces.

We are passionate about technology and invest heavily in market research, customer experience and R&D. Our experienced global team includes thought leaders, consulting and strategy experts, business analysts, digital marketers, user experience designers , data scientists, and engineers trained and certified in the latest technologies.

We offer deep industry domain expertise, pre-built customizable products and reusable assets with our strategic partners.  We provide everything you need – from strategy and envisioning to use cases, system implementation and maintenance – and everything in between.

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Global Trend Study

The State of Cloud Application Adoption in Large Enterprises

In late 2011, TCS conducted an extensive study on how 600+ large companies from the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific use applications in the 'cloud'. In this report, we share the 10 key findings, statistics and stories.