TCS Workplace Reimagination Offering

Talent retention and organizational productivity have assumed a primary role in determining organizational competitiveness, business agility, and customer experience. Enterprises need to reimagine human resource (HR) management along various dimensions such as recruitment strategy, employee induction and engagement, staff learning, idea crowdsourcing, and co-innovation.

Institutionalizing contextual, role-based collaboration platforms for employee engagement, and integrating these with transactional business applications, can help organizations address this objective.

TCS' Workplace Reimagination offering helps organizations promote learning anytime, anywhere, and from any device by providing staff with real-time, on-the-go access to relevant peer groups across the enterprise. Apart from driving enhanced knowledge sharing, we help you realize significant reduction in coordination costs by enabling contextual conversations around specific business events. Our offering empowers enterprises to effectively crowdsource ideas for innovating around their product and service design processes and marketing campaigns. By leveraging TCS' data mining tools, firms can measure, analyze and interpret social interactions across multiple channels and touch-points, and identify trends to improve decision-making.

Key components of our offering include:

  • Enterprise social network: Promotes knowledge discovery through active employee participation, driven by ‘gamification’ and various incentive mechanisms
  •  Enterprise mobile messaging: Empowers workers to engage - through a unified chat interface - in contextual, personalized conversations around enterprise events
  • Gamification engine: Incorporates game-design elements and techniques into enterprise applications, such as the LMS, for increased adoption and engagement; experiment and drive better user engagement via a unified administration panel
  • Notification engine: Enables real-time dissemination of information through a centralized ‘push’ notification engine that can be integrated with prevalent enterprise applications

TCS’ Workplace Reimagination offering helps companies benefit from:  

  • Enhanced organizational productivity
  • Superior decision making
  • Reduced time to market
  • Improved operational efficiency 

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