Digital Enterprise

Reimagining Life Sciences

Reimagine your enterprise using digital forces to bring drugs faster to market, better manufacturing efficiencies, increase sales & marketing effectiveness and improve compliance management.
Life Sciences companies are facing challenges due to expiring patents, shrinking pipelines, increased regulatory pressure and high drug development costs.

TCS can be a strategic partner in your transformation journey by enabling you to leverage digital forces of Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Social Media, Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence & Robotics to:

  • Reimagine business models
  • Deliver innovative products / services
  • Discover new patients / customer segments
  • Develop alternate business channels / processes
  • Improve workplace efficiencies

Solutions We Offer

  • TCS Drug Development Insights Platform: Reimagine drug development through clinical information and insights using the power of analytics for near real-time decision making

  • Transform Life Sciences Marketing through Integrated Channels: Transform fragmented digital channels to an integrated digital marketing ecosystem across the enterprise to improve sales and marketing effectiveness 

  • Real time medical device tracking using Internet of Things (IoT): Track patient’s implants using TCS Connected Universe Platform (TCUP) including health indicators to address regulatory needs, manage recalls effectively, create wellness ecosystem and new business models for patient engagement
  • Transform Medical Devices Sales through Real Time Inventory Management: Optimize field inventory through right sizing of inventory levels, gain field productivity and high customer satisfaction
  • SMART Clinical Trials: Transform the patient engagement before, during and after clinical trials for improved patient enrolment, retention and compliance
  • Physician CONNECT: Utilize the NextGen collaboration platform for Sales Representative and HCPs to improve engagement effectiveness by leveraging TCS CubbuZZ and Social Listening Platform

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White Papers

Integrated Digital Marketing: The Key to Understanding Your Customer

In this white paper, we focus on the current challenges of a fragmented digital marketing landscape and define strategies to build integrated digital marketing services within life sciences organizations to drive consistent customer experience.

White Papers

The New Frontier for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry: Real Value from Big Data

Technological growth and easy access to sophisticated gadgets have led to a digital data explosion. The life sciences industry is no exception, with its top priority being to improve the quality of human health and wellbeing. Big Data helps achieve this by leveraging innovative techniques to enhance productivity in R&D, and reducing the cycle time for drug development and delivering them to the correct market and customer segments. The large volume of data generated can be processed using a Big Data platform to support scientific analytics.

Analyst Reports

TCS Helps Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Implement Successful Mobility Solution

In this ARC View report, ARC Analyst, Janice Abel, highlights a case study that describes how TCS helped a major global pharmaceutical manufacturer implement a sales force mobility project using its rigorous and validated processes.

White Papers

Mobility and Social Media in Life Sciences

In this white paper, we define mobile social media, discuss the various types of mobile devices and social media that can be applied to business, and provide specific examples on how life sciences companies are embracing mobile social media to advance sales and marketing and patient safety.