Enterprise Mobile App Security

Mobility has added a new dimension of risk to enterprise data and systems. Mobile device management solutions have quickly evolved to address a number of risks ranging from poor device profiles to user behaviours. The mobile application layer has become more vulnerable to attacks due to below par device, data, and systems, and not surprisingly, attackers have shifted their focus to the mobile application layer.

Frequent OS updates and the urgency to release new app features to meet business needs are forcing mobile app developers to adopt agile methodology. This agile methodology necessitates multiple-version releases of the app within a short duration. A dynamic environment marked by frequent updates/releases by mobile device manufacturers and OS developers, and typically short development cycles with multiple releases make it difficult for enterprises to stay up-to-date as well as ensure safety.

This dynamic mobile world does not lend itself to the traditional web app security management model. Enterprises need to develop a mobile-specific security management program that eliminates risk to enterprise data and the network from mobile apps. This article talks about the need for enterprises to build a robust mobile application security program with a focus on how automated mobile security assessments can help an enterprise embed security into an agile software development life cycle (SDLC) of mobile apps.

Unlike traditional web apps where control lies on the server, mobile apps are installed on the device. Mobile apps are particularly susceptible to reverse-engineering attacks that expose the code and app logic, allowing malicious entities to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. These mobile apps leave a lot of sensitive information on the device, and it is therefore critical to build security controls into the app.

The key to a successful and secure digital strategy lies in implementing a scalable, automated, and robust mobile application security program that integrates into the short development cycles of mobile apps.

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