Digital Enterprise

Improving Marketing Response Rates through Location based Mobile Marketing

Today, marketers can leverage physical location as another facet of the consumer's real- time context, to provide more personalized, relevant marketing offers and, in turn, drive revenue. Location based marketing is founded on the premise that knowledge of location gives the marketer a better chance at presenting the consumer with an offer that best addresses his need at that point in time.

Even as marketing efforts in the future seem inconceivable without locational context, marketing today has progressed beyond mere social website check-ins. The mobile always knows and transmits who the consumers are; so they are checked-in by default, wherever they are. A 'good deal' at a local store is not an effective driver of repeat sales anymore. Rather, repeat sales seem to be driven by customized content and incentives that are location aware and delivered through the orchestration of multiple media.

No longer subject to force-fed brand messages, the consumer will let go of passivity, and demand more customized and engaging experiences. It behooves the marketer to make use of these advances in an appealing yet responsible manner.
In this paper, we discuss how mobile location based marketing can improve marketing response rates through more focused messaging, and drive an enhanced consumer experience. We also present examples of some companies that have leveraged location information to create an engaging and relevant experience for the consumer, maximize the call to action, boost response rates and conversion, and magnify their social footprint. The paper provides insights into location based marketing services as an emerging focus area and to encourage experimentation.

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