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Digital Reimagination ™ - The Art of Reimagining Business


The impact of the Digital Consumer Economy is profound. It has the power to completely change industries and leave it with clear winners, losers and potential players whom we’ve never seen before. It also helps organizations meet their consumer’s demands for responsiveness, knowledge, engagement and individualized attention.

In our engagements across numerous industries, we’ve seen clients pursuing one of three distinct types of digital initiatives:

  • ‘Digitization’: where companies introduce digital devices to their existing business processes or workflows that are typically manual
  • ‘Digital Transformation’: where companies typically transform their channels to customers by introducing digital technologies
  • A new trend which TCS calls ‘Digital Reimagination™’: where companies can leverage the Digital Five Forces –Mobility and Pervasive Computing, Big Data and Analytics, Social Media, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to fundamentally reimagine their businesses in key areas of their industries

While Digitization and Digital Transformation initiatives deliver key business benefits, they still do not tap into the full and collective potential of the Digital Five Forces. To harness the true potential of the Digital Five Forces, organizations need to embark on a Digital Reimagination™ journey.

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