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TCS helps leading aircraft equipment manufacturing company achieve 45% cost savings in the technical documentation process

TCS enabled a leading aircraft equipment manufacturing company reduce the TCO of documentation by 45% as well as the turnaround time required for the creation of manuals. As a result, our client is now able to ensure better adherence to regulatory requirements and enhanced customer goodwill.

The Customer
TCS client is a leading aircraft equipment design and manufacturing company headquartered in Europe that operates internationally. It designs and manufactures components and sub-systems for aerospace, defense, energy, medical, industrial, test, automotive and other specialist markets.

Business Scenario
Operating in the complex and highly regulated aircraft equipment industry required that the manufacturer overcome several production challenges such as increasing complexity of products, multiple design changes and revisions to and several versions of the product. This was further complicated by the need for document conversion, creation of illustrations, and knowledge of various software and tools. Stringent regulatory requirements and industry standards (such as S1000D, iSpec2200 and others) compounded this challenge.

TCS' Solution
TCS optimized the product documentation process, integrating it with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) tools for faster turnaround time. The COTS tool, with its built-in Document Type Definition (DTD) for iSpec 2200 feature and various schemas for the S1000D standard, provided a structured documentation template.

The end result was the creation of product documentation as per the iSpec 2200 and S1000D business rules, using Simplified Technical English (STE) in XML format.

TCS’ next-generation documentation system and services have empowered the aerospace supplier to increase product documentation efficiency. With our solution, the company has been able to meet its business objectives of improving the technical manual development process, optimizing cost and schedule management, enhancing utilization and control, and improving quality assurance.

Our client has also achieved:

  • Reduction in total cost of ownership of documentation by 45%
  • Significant reduction in turnaround time for manual creation
  • Significant savings in IT investment due to the use of software tools like FrameMaker, IsoDraw, and others
  • Enhanced product quality and consistency across product outputs, due to the data creation, validation and revision inputs provided by TCS’ domain experts, SMEs and technical publication consultants
  • Better adherence to stringent regulatory requirements of the aerospace industry  

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