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TCS Omni-Channel Retail Customer Experience Solution on Oracle

TCS Omni-Channel Retail Customer Experience Solution built on Oracle CX suite of applications is an end-to-end solution which focuses on designing, delivering and optimizing superior end-consumer experience.

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Consumers now have access to information at their fingertips and price sensitivity leads to uncertainties in customer loyalty. Hence it is critical to provide a differentiated brand experience to retain an edge in a competitive market place. Retailers are struggling to
provide a seamless brand experience given the proliferation of digital devices. Businesses are further hindered by disparate processes and systems that lead to lack of business agility in this evolving ecosystem. All of these factors contribute to increased customer dissatisfaction and churn, as well as reduced profitability.

TCS Omni-Channel Retail CX solution provides an integrated and orchestrated operating model for the evolving enterprise in the digital world, working across sales, service, marketing and analytics functions. The solution converts customer experiences into productive dialogue, leading to repeat purchases, increased wallet share and customer advocacy. It offers a roadmap for transformation by leveraging emerging digital trends and making real-time collaboration accessible through social media-enabled mobility solutions. By consolidating systems, orchestrating processes and aligning CRM functions with key performance indicators for value-driven businesses, TCS Omni-Channel Retail CX solution allows retailers to exceed customer expectations in step with the changing trends.

Our Solution

  • Unified Customer View: Builds a holistic customer profile by aggregating data across channels, touchpoints and existing data sources
  • Omni-Channel Retailing: Orchestrates sales, service and marketing functions consistently across channels for convenient shopping experiences
  • Personalization: Enables customer recognition, personalized selling and tailored communications that evoke and maintain customer loyalty
  • Contextual Intelligence: Delivers real-time information to customer facing employees (in-store and/or call-center) to improve experience by preserving engagement context
  • Digital Commerce: Extends retailing capabilities across digital (including social, mobile, web and email)channels to meet and exceed the expectations of digital natives
  • CRM Big Data Analytics: Creates opportunities to engage customers by uncovering behavioral insights, shopping preferences and purchase patterns from unstructured data left behind by customers across touchpoints


TCS Omni-Channel Retail CX solution reimagines and redesigns the way people, process and technology work together in a business to deliver strategic business outcomes:

  • Build competitive advantage: Differentiate yourself in the crowded market place and retain competitive edge with targeted engagement
  • Reduce customer churn: Lower the rate of customer churn by providing relevant retail experiences
  • Increase customer advocacy: Promote customer advocacy and boost new customer acquisition by creating meaningful and memorable experiences
  • Improve employee productivity: Increase employee satisfaction and productivity by optimizing processes and enabling analytical support for value added, real time customer interactions
  • Maximize business agility: Pre-empt negative trends and quickly scale customer engagement models with the help of agile technologies

The TCS Advantage

  • Mature assets in CX: Our proven assets enrich consulting led Retail CX transformation engagements:
    Customer Experience Design And Reference (CEDAR) framework
    Customer Experience Journey Mapping asset
    Customer Experience Maturity Assessment asset
  • Pre-built solutions: We leverage pre-built solutions for marketing, omni-channel customer service, customer loyalty, real-time offer management, commerce, mobility and predictive analytics to accelerate multi-channel integrated solution deployment
  • Domain and technology expertise: Our proven experience in CX technologies across industries and business functions allows us the expertise to deliver repeatable and value-driven solutions. We also leverage our investments in retail innovation centers to prototype futuristic customer engagement concepts such as smart store among others
  • Strategic relationship with Oracle: As one of Oracle’s select Diamond partners, we are engaged in joint solution development with Oracle. Our dedicated Oracle CX center of excellence (CoE) and partnership enables us to bring technology expertise to every engagement

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