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TCS helps Lexmark achieve real-time visibility into its financial data by implementing SAP HANA

Lexmark’s data warehousing applications had been disconnected from its operational applications, resulting in a lag time of one day between gathering data and analyzing it. TCS delivered real-time visibility into Lexmark’s financial data by implementing SAP HANA.

The Customer
Lexmark International Inc. provides businesses with a broad range of printing and imaging products, solutions and services that help customers print less and save more. The company is a leading provider of process and content management software that helps organizations fuel greater operational efficiency.

Business Challenge
Lexmark produces huge volumes of financial and transactional data—inventory, sales orders, general ledger balances and invoices—daily. However, it lacked the ability to capture and analyze data in real time. To maintain its competitive advantage, Lexmark needed to adopt a single platform that would provide insights into all of its financial and transactional data in real time.

TCS’ Solution
To deliver real-time transactional reporting, we implemented the SAP HANA Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) database, a high-speed in-memory solution that enables immediate business analytics. Since 2008, we have partnered with Lexmark to improve its ability to manage and gain insight from its growing data.

We assisted Lexmark in the implementation and optimization of the following:

  • Three SAP enterprise resource planning systems
  • SAP Netweaver Business Warehouse (BW 7.3), which integrates data from multiple sources so that it can be analyzed
  • SAP Business Objects (BO 4.0), a business intelligence solution that transforms raw data into useful information upon which informed business decisions can be made


  • Lexmark now enjoys a single, common, enterprise view of “the truth.”
  • Deep, rapid insights into Lexmark’s transactional data enable more accurate, timely and improved decision-making.
  • Lexmark’s finance department can initiate a variety of real-time reports as often as it wishes.
  • Lexmark’s sales representatives can instantly check a customer’s credit, quickly source the needed products within the company’s global inventory and ensure that the products are shipped to the customer on time.

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