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Our offerings help provide the necessary competitive edge to your business. We help you create an agile and efficient organization, maximize opportunities, anticipate demand better and respond to it effectively. Our team of highly experienced domain experts ensure that each solution is aligned to your specific needs.

These include:

HiTech Analytics

To stay competitive, the high tech industry needs to efficiently manage its supply chain, improve workforce effectiveness, target customers and markets more effectively, and improve business processes. This requires prompt responsiveness, which in turn requires visibility of supply chain, readiness to analyze the what-if scenarios and the ability to perform predictive modeling. Our well-designed, process-oriented and industry-standards compliant analytics solution can empower both your CXOs and business users to gain end-to-end supply chain visibility.

TCS analytics solution, built on the foundation of supply chain analytics, integrates data, processes and analytics to deliver an enterprise-wide analytical blueprint. It is platform-independent, extensible and flexible.  

  • Supply Chain Intelligence: An enterprise-level supply chain analytics solution that consists of the following:
    • Process-oriented EDW model
    • SCOR-compliant KPIs and dashboards
  • Manufacturing Intelligence: Provides production process analytical measures
  • Logistics Intelligence: Aids network planning, setting up global or regional distribution centers and more
  • Pricing Intelligence: Facilitates product configuration and price, and deal management workflow
  • Warranty Intelligence: Boosts Warranty Processing & Reserve Forecast Planning

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Service & Warranty Management

There is a need to optimize the service-intensive supply chains, which are usually more complex than the typical finished-goods supply chain. Service management is the new business imperative for any company selling products and services to a global market. It is a fundamental shift in how companies conduct business in after-sales services.

TCS provides warranty management solutions and analytics tools to streamline warranty management systems by drawing from its expertise in consulting, industry experience and partnerships with prominent technology providers.


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High tech Sales Management

An effective sales process can cut down cycle time from a lead to an order, thereby reducing overhead costs. In order to be more competitive in this highly volatile market, there is a need for an effective demand, forecast and lead and sales management solution to be in place.

TCS’ consulting offering on High Tech sales helps you to identify congestion points and process leaks and focuses on optimization. Built around the Think, Build and Operate model, the offering focuses on process adoption and change management techniques. It allows for features like single-instance lead-to-order tracking, setting up of objectives and targets for leads, etc. TCS’s offering ensures reduced lead time for orders, decrease in operation costs, increased customer retention and reduced inventory costs.

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Entitlement Management

As the software delivery models evolve, they translate into complex licensing methods and customer entitlements. This is especially true when software vendors have a large and assorted customer-base to manage. Software publishers, therefore, need a capable solution that efficiently tracks entitlements while equally allowing customers a self-service facility - getting them to manage licenses and assets on their own.

The Entitlement offering from TCS streamlines business processes for optimized functioning. While addressing challenges in revenue recognition, software compliance, and mergers and acquisitions, it ensures increased license renewal rate, improved asset and compliance management, improved software delivery, and effective reporting.


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