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TCS' BI and decision support framework for road-based logistics industry

The changing business scenario demands the road-based logistics organizations to make faster and smarter decisions. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions can provide decision makers with relevant and accurate information from numerous disparate data sources. BI tools can help you drive organizational agility, efficiency and adaptability. RoBIDS™, TCS’ BI solution framework will help you achieve these: faster and at lower costs.

Our Unique Approach

RoBIDS™ is offered based on our strong logistics domain expertise, our rich experience in BIPM implementations and our longstanding partnership with leading BI vendors. Our novel approach ensures that business goals define the performance measures and allows incremental implementation while eliminating data silos. With prebuilt KPIs, Logical Data Model (LDM) and Analytical Templates (AT), RoBIDS™ enables rapid implementation and helps in early realization of benefits.

RoBIDS™ v1.0 covers the following core operational function-based analytics:

  • Pickup management: Revenue impact analysis due to pickup delays / errors, etc.
  • Terminal productivity: Calculating staff requirement at the terminals, etc.
  • Empty mile analysis: Estimation of empty miles and vehicle maintenance analysis, etc.
  • Delivery management: Impact on delivery due to delayed line-haul arrivals
  • Broker analytics: Broker wait-time analysis, etc.

Pilot Study - Visualize your Business Benefits

As part of our approach, we conduct a pilot study to help you understand and visualize the business benefits you can realize through the BI solution. The pilot study is conducted in the following three steps:

Step 1: Select KPIs - We identify metrics that are of priority to achieve organizational goals but are not measured / tracked.

Step 2: Analyze KPIs - We identify data files for the selected metrics / KPIs and extract them from the transaction applications.

Step 3: Demonstrate KPIs - We develop dashboards for the selected metrics / KPIs to demonstrate the business value of the solution. We will also discuss the findings and suggest next steps.

Key Benefits

RoBIDS™ helps you realize the best out of your organizational data and the BI solution. Recognized by industry experts and analysts, RoBIDS™ helps you with the following:

  • Improved visibility into operational information and faster reporting
  • Faster and better informed decisions on the basis of recent, accurate and relevant information
  • Improved profitability by identifying cost culprits, revenue leakages and reasons behind customer attrition, etc.
  • Savings in time and cost of implementation, by using pre-built LDM, KPIs and ATs


RoBIDS™: TCS’ Business Intelligence and Decision Support Framework for the Road-based Logistics Industry

Here, Pradeep Chaudhary, Shipping & Logistics Center of Excellence, TCS, addresses the concerns of the logistics & transportation industry with the RoBIDS™ framework, TCS’ proprietary BI & Decision Support framework for the road-based logistics industry.


RoBIDS™: TCS’ business intelligence and decision support framework for the road-based logistics industry

RoBIDS™ is TCS’ BI solution framework that enables road-based logistics organizations to measure performance and make smart decisions. Recognized by industry and analysts, RoBIDS™ is platform independent and can be customized to your organizational needs.