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BT Revamps EE’s ERP

TCS’ SAP framework helps migrate EE’s ERP to SAP HANA infrastructure on cloud

BT Group Plc
Communication, Media & Technology
Enterprise Applications


BT wanted to modernize EE's legacy ERP to optimize customer spend and improve CX.

EE, BT's mobile and wireless services business, ran on legacy SAP enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Hosted in the premises of a third-party service provider, the aging application was operating on a volume-based model, leading to longer time-to-market and delivery cycles. As a result, BT had to contend with higher costs and a dip in customer satisfaction. With a keen focus on improving customer experience, the telecom major sought a partner that could take charge of end-to-end application management services.



TCS migrates EE's SAP ERP to SAP HANA infrastructure on cloud.

TCS set up an advanced command centre for near real-time handling of issues and customer triage. The team built reusable assets and enabled predictive spend analysis. Adopting a Kanban approach to monitor operations, TCS substantially reduced the number of defects and defect leakages, thereby improving BT’s customer experience. The team proactively resolved issues, overcame age-old design limitations, and continuously monitored the process chain to reduce the time to market.

TCS played a pivotal role in migrating EE’s legacy SAP ERP to SAP enterprise infrastructure on cloud.  TCS assisted in upgrading the technology stack and migrating EE’s SAP database from Oracle to SAP HANA, a key milestone in the ERP transformation roadmap.

“We appreciate the TCS team for a great working relationship that is built on openness and honesty. We look forward to TCS continuing the good work!”

Lee Leonard, Senior Partner Manager, BT, IT Partner Management


BT improves customer experience and saves costs.

TCS migrated the SAP database from Oracle to SAP HANA in under six months and without any defects. The TCS team ensured minimal disruption to BT’s business operations, resulting in a customer satisfaction rating of 100%


million cost saved in three years


Incidence baseline down to


SAP infrastructure cost down


cost savings from service desk support

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