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Enterprises catering to B2B clients typically have to deal with far more complexities in terms of products, commercial models, sales cycles, service delivery, and assurance. For example, a complex sale could involve providing managed services, connectivity, devices, and varied service levels across multiple locations. Ensuring the ease of sale, predictability, and transparency across channels is important for B2B clients as their business plans and daily operations are dependent on the commitments from their partners and service providers. Moreover, in an increasingly ecosystem driven environment, enterprises must focus on leveraging their products and their partners’ to build the right offerings for customers, thereby serving the larger goal of creating customer value


To address the challenges in dealing with B2B businesses, service providers need platforms with a robust digital core and open APIs to:

  • Launch and manage made-to-order solutions with ease

  • Ensure hassle-free bundling of in-house and partner products

  • Seamlessly handle sales and hand-off to delivery processes

  • Tackle the differences in capabilities required to handle variations in sub-segments, industries, solutions offered, and business models

  • Isolate customer management from back-office infrastructure related complexities

  • Effectively manage the ecosystem of channels and partners

, while ensuring process transparency and value creation.


  • Increase transparency in interactions with customers (such as sales inquiry, service issue, and so on), thereby bolstering their trust in your brand

  • Improve revenue by significantly reducing the time-to-launch for all your offerings

  • Adopt new business models powered by a catalog driven approach

  • Enhance user experience through automated and guided processes

  • Enable your employees to easily manage B2B clients across the value chain

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