The TCS BaNCS Brand

TCS BaNCS’ comprehensive product portfolio is dedicated to providing business solutions to financial institutions globally. The solution suite is designed to help financial services institutions enhance end customer experience, enabling them to embrace open and innovative technologies that embody true digital customer engagement. Deployed at more than 450 installations worldwide, it is the largest collection of components, enterprise and consumer apps for the financial industry made available through the cloud, helping firms become more agile and intelligent by leveraging the power of new and extended ecosystems.

The Alpha symbol in TCS BaNCS signifies:

  • Transformation – Enabling transformation through a superior and holistic product suite covering banking, capital markets and insurance
  • Accountability – Holding ourselves accountable for promised results. Truly delivering on the promise of ‘experience certainty’
  • Co-innovation network – A partnership that serves as a framework for sharing best practices and innovation
  • Superior performance – Consistent, impressive benchmark results, supporting financial institutions for the highest capacities. Superior performance in delivery, providing financial institutions with a competitive edge 

Through our Digital First, Cloud First philosophy that drives all of our product and solution design, we help firms transfer non-differentiated assets to the cloud or an ecosystem of industry utilities and fintech businesses. This, in turn can give the firms increased flexibility together with access to new cognitive technologies such as AI.

By empowering our customers to embrace risks, leverage new and extended ecosystems, and create exponential value---which are key elements of the TCS Business 4.0™ framework --- we are able to foster growth and transformation, equipping financial institutions with a clear and differentiated advantage.

Our banking solution services more than 25% of the global population, with two of the largest core banking installations running on TCS BaNCS, processing more than one billion (1BN) accounts.



Our capital markets solutions cover 100+ countries, with more than 10 MN trades settled and serviced on TCS BaNCS daily, and have driven transformation in markets worldwide.

Our insurance solution services over 20 MN life, annuity and pension policies and 135 MN+ property and casualty solutions worldwide.

TCS BaNCS Digital solutions, powered by BaNCS ADK, provide financial institutions with the capability to design, configure, brand and deploy apps on demand based on their unique needs, while our analytics offering enables financial institutions with enhanced customer-centricity and operational performance.

TCS BaNCS is also blockchain enabled in a unique coexistence model, with Quartz™, The Smart Ledgers, and has the power to bring organizations together by creating future state ecosystems that amplify value, reducing duplication and engendering trust.


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