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As firms emerge from the uncertainties of recent times, the global economy is setting itself on a path of recovery. Customer behavior has changed since the pandemic, reshaping banking, redefining operating models and reimagining value propositions. While new-age banks have fully embraced technology advancements to work smarter, faster and efficiently, others are looking at rapidly untangling antiquated, and often siloed systems. Banks are looking at growing, faster, with new products and new operating models, enabling new sales channels and expanding their digital footprint, both externally and internally. 


TCS BaNCS solutions are predicated on the Digital First, Cloud First philosophy with the outcome being a modern platformin the banking and financial industry in a digital world. The TCS BaNCS Global Banking Platform comprises innovative and adaptive digital apps and a digital core richly enabled for business supporting a wide range of products and services across asset types - assets and liabilities, cash, securities and crypto assets for a wide variety of use cases in the financial services industry. This solution accelerates the digital transformation of traditional businesses by unshackling them from the constraints of legacy technology and powering the ambition to play into the overall ecosystem powered with a rich catalogue of APIs.


  • An API-First Platform – While APIs enable ease of integration delivering superior customer experience.
  • A Digital First, Cloud First Core built for advanced core banking with out-of-the-box support for end-to-end lending, savings, deposits, payments, trade finance, fees, and pricing capabilities with a multi-currency ledger solution.
  • Ecosystem enablers – Continuously expanding the breadth and depth of solutions from the TCS BaNCS Marketplace for holistic solutions, aiding an outside-in approach and reimagination of customer life events through curated use cases. 
  • Microservices-based solution for the future – The banking platform can be implemented as is or banks can pick and choose only components relevant to them.
  • Flexible configuration
  • Cognitive technologies, driving personalization, insight-driven decision making and contextualization

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