How can your bank redesign the experience you give to your customers across their life and purchasing journeys? Can you take up the challenges that open banking brings and embrace it to redefine your business models, invest in partnerships to enhance revenues from larger, connected financial ecosystems? How can you leverage emerging and disruptive technologies to automate business processes and make transactions more efficient, even while you adhere to regulatory and security needs, and make the necessary cultural changes in your organization?


The TCS BaNCS Global Banking Platform embodies the Digital First, Cloud First philosophy on which all our solutions are designed, enabling your bank to offer products and services to your customers throughout their lifecycle and across all touch points. Anticipating their requirements even before they begin looking for solutions, the solution comprises innovative, adaptive digital apps and a high performing processing engine, it can support a wide range of products and services covering assets and liabilities, cash and securities, and has been deployed at more than 400 financial institutions, with an assured 24x7x365 availability. 

If you are looking at offering solutions that represent the cutting-edge of innovation even while you transform your existing applications, TCS BaNCS Global Banking Platform’s strong Digital Core can help you achieve this. With functionally granular and extendable APIs, the solution enables your customers with choice while also empowering your bank to leverage larger ecosystems and create new revenue models.


  • TCS BaNCS Digital and BaNCS ADK (App Development Kit), enabling marketplaces
  • Co-existence capability resting on the base of more than 750+ APIs and the Quartz™ - The Smart Ledgers™, enabling new and extendable ecosystems
  • An integrated analytics engine for insights about customer behavior and enterprise performance through banking-specific analytics models
  • Augmented customer servicing capabilities through AI solutions embedded into the Digital Core
  • Elastic scalability with the cloud, optimizing OPEX

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